The same way cities around the world honor their local culture through food, sport and history, ACL takes pride in the trees growing in our city. Most felled trees are turned into mulch or sent to the dump. As LA’s local lumber company, we see the value in the environment around us. It is our mission to reconnect Angelenos with nature by producing wood products from the trees they have lived with in their neighborhoods.

The trees that make up the Los Angeles urban forest are like its people. We’ve come from all over the world to settle and thrive in our own unique ecosystem. While there were only 4 native trees to the LA basin, now there are over 1000 species of trees that grow throughout LA.

And like each individual person, every tree has its own unique story. Did it grow in a backyard and help raise a family? Did it rise along the 110 freeway and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen? Did it hold the nests of a Great Horned Owl?

Trees’ inherent value is clear to us while they are alive: they provide clear air, shade, habitat for wildlife, among many other traits. When they inevitably fall we often perceive them as a burden and at best salvageable as mulch; it seems their service is not reciprocated.

We intend a different fate for our LA trees; to be in recognition, in appreciation, of value, and of use - not to be used. We aim to align ourselves with our trees: that LA serve and honor its trees as they honor and serve LA. Through local lumber, the offerings from our community’s trees live on.