Gift Slab


Fostering the continued connection between you and your tree is at the core of our purpose.

In commemoration of your tree, Angel City Lumber is proud to offer the complimentary service of milling, drying, and surfacing one live edge, quarter sawn slab of your tree for you. A “quarter sawn” or “quarter grain” cut refers to a mill cut where the end grain of the slab orients the growth rings perpendicular to the top and bottom surfaces. This cut is considered the most stable, most figured, most desirable cut among woodworkers.It is our hope that you will take great pleasure and comfort in utilizing this Gift Slab in order that your tree’s presence may live on.


A “slab” (or more properly, a “flitch”) is a lengthwise cut of a tree log, typically a few inches in thickness, revealing the longitudinal grain of the tree and “live edges” of where the bark was located.

Your Gift Slab will undergo a kiln-drying process that will accelerate the off-gassing of water from the wood, allowing for maximum machinability and stability (approximately 6%-10% moisture content).

After your slab has been dried, we will surface both sides to make the piece flat and level. Unless you have other requirements, we’ll plane with the intention of retaining as much thickness as possible.

Your Gift Slab will be available for pickup from Angel City Lumber 1 year from recovery, give or take, depending on our production schedule. If you would prefer that your Gift Slab be delivered to your home, we are happy to set up a paid delivery through

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