Angel City Lumber (ACL) offers custom milling services as a way for your tree to continue to be useful to you in future building projects. While the promise of this service has many great benefits, freshly cut stacked lumber requires your attention and should not be taken lightly. Please review this document carefully in your consideration of this service. 


  • In order to perform this service, ACL requires a minimum notice of 72 hours before your tree is removed

  • We are unable to accommodate partial yields of your tree - this milling service requires that the entirety of your tree’s yield is milled and returned back to you, the client. Angel City lumber does not buy back unused or unwanted material

  • The essential drying and storage of your lumber must take place at a designated location by you, outside of Angel City Lumber (refer to “How to Dry Your Wood Yield” addendum)

  • Payment for this service must be made in full before the milling of your tree log(s) 

  • If payment is not received within 2 weeks from log pick-up, you may donate your tree or take advantage of our ACL Gift Slab program

  • A list of the services you determine (see below) will be invoiced to you via QuickBooks

To start the process, please fill out the form below.